´╗┐Jacqueline Taylor - Birmingham Botanical Gardens - December 9th, 2016

JACQUELINE TAYLOR: This semester I learned far more about oral history, journalistic conduct and capabilities, and general speaking than I imagined I would in a one-credit research course, and particularly in just one semester. Each of the two interviews I conducted were unique and polar to one another, which allowed me to develop and use different methodologies to conduct the interviews by way of interacting with the interviewee, pre-interview background researching, designing and asking appropriate questions, and proper social tactics. My personal takeaway encompasses the knowledge, importance, and respect I learned of oral history, but also the experiences of meeting and talking with the inspiring individuals I interviewed that incited personal introspection of my own life. My research with the Oral History department at Samford University, and thereby the Birmingham Botanical Gardens too, has already helped me, and will help me to be a better journalist, scientist, and person of this society.

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