Jo Ann Dozier: We lived out in the country, Scott’s Station, which is just about ten miles from Marion...but I know when we lived out in the country, we had this old mud and it was just black and the Black Belt has that prairie mud. You get it on your shoes; if it gets dry it’s just like cement. It just doesn’t come off. So that’s what the Black Belt’s always meant to me was that mud. My dad was a merchant. He had a store, just a general store out in the country and had cows and pigs and all that good things, chickens...I would help my mother in the garden pick the vegetables and all that kind of thing. Just a good country life. But then we moved to Marion I guess when I was in the fourth grade. My daddy got rid of everything out there in the country and we moved to Marion and he had what you call a rolling store. He would go up in the country with just general store, you know, merchandise...Marion has always been a nice place to raise children and grow up, you know, with your neighbors and friends.

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