Bill Matthews: I think the area is full of history. In a way, a lot of the history has been preserved, simply through neglect, not through any intentional effort. I forgot when it was, ten years ago, maybe, Governor Riley, I think, started the Black Belt Action Commission. It was an effort to revive the sagging Black Belt. We’re even now, seeing new things happening as a result. At Perry Lakes Park, which is about 6 miles from Judson, we’re just now getting some placards up that give some of the history of Perry Lakes Park in this part of the country. There’s a sign at the entrance to the road near the old fish hatchery. There’s a plaque there that gives some of the history of the area. These things are now on a lot of maps so the people who are interested in seeing something new and different can find some of the treasures that are in Perry County and that’s true all over the Black Belt now, so we’re taking advantage of the history now to tell our story.

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